Thursday, March 4, 2010

christmas vs. birthdays

I think one of the Turnbow's secretly made this ecard with me in mind! Why do I think this? Because I may have said last Christmas, "Christmas is way better than birthdays because everyone gets a present!" haha woops my only child syndrome still comes out sometimes!

I really do love birthdays and any reason to celebrate, it's just extra fun when everyone gets to open a present. Okay it's still not sounding right! I'll try a little harder to enjoy birthday's for what they are intend to be (celebrate the person who was born that day) next week when we celebrate Karen's birthday!

Happy early birthday Karen!


Karen said...

HAHAHAHA I love you eggs! :) Thanks for the early Bday wish!!! :) I can't wait to celebrate with you all!

Jason and Joy said...

Ha ha ha I love this!!! Oh man...Christmas was fun, can't wait till another one that we get to all be together!

Bryan + Juli said...

Hahaha oh that only child syndrome always sneaks out! But really you always make everyone's birthday so special even if secretly you wish it was your birthday too! ;)