Wednesday, March 24, 2010


One thing I love about living in Denver is the climate.  The winters are never too harsh or cold, when it snows it melts within a day or two, and the summers are never too hot.  Well one thing I learned last year when the Dewey's came to visit us in the "Spring" is that March is the snowiest month in Colorado!  I had told them how nice and warm the weather was and had all these fun outdoor activies planned and then it was the blizzard of '09 their entire trip!

What the freak Colorado! Just as you get spring fever and you are ready to trade your sweaters in for capris here comes the snow.

This fine day in March is no exception.  It snowed 10+ inches last night.  I actually wouldn't mind all of the snow in March, but the fact that I was 99% sure I would have a snow day and didn't is what makes me mad.  I called my work's snowline seven times last night, praying each time that it would say we were closed today.  The best I got was a late start of 10am.  I guess I should be grateful that I got to sleep in...but instead I'm bitter that I'm here at work AND EVERYONE ELSE CALLED IN "SICK"!

And to top it off Blaine leaves for LA on business today and will be gone till Friday.  Mostly I just hate today and I'm a big time crabster!


Bryan + Juli said...

Haha oh the blizzard of '09 was so fun!!! I think maybe since your March is so cold that's the month you should visit us in AZ and since our summers are so hot July is the month we should visit you in CO!

erica said...

I love the way you think Juli!

Bryan + Juli said...

Remember how the blizzard of '09 made is so I couldn't go to the zoo or something... freak!!!! Good thing we were hanging out with our SBFFs, made it all worth it! PS, we need to get shirts that say we survived the blizzard of '09!