Monday, April 26, 2010

3 months

(Don't mind the dool/spit up on the onsie!  You'd think this kid was teething with the amount of drool he's producing)

Hello Kash.

Three months old, wow! You are growing right before our eyes. The other day I was giving you a bath and there was a moment that I looked at you and you looked so old and grown up, I had a flash back to my first attempt at giving you a bath and how small you started out!  And then I had to laugh at myself because my first attempt at bathing you was just that, an attempt. The first bath you would slowly tip over from side to side, the water would startle you and by the end of the bath it seemed like I was more wet then you were! Now we have our bath routine down and you've almost out grown the baby tub and smile ear to ear when I wash your hair, now it seems as if you actually enjoy bath time. Not that that's surprising, you love most things! That’s right you are still smiling your head off…I seriously have never seen a more smiley baby. You will just sit and stare at me or your dad with a little grin and then as soon as we look at you it turns into a huge smile. You smile when I feed you, when I change your clothes and sometimes when I'm rocking you to sleep.
This past month you’ve discovered that your hands are actually attached to your body and that if you concentrate real hard you can actually reach for things. It’s so cute to see you focus on a toy or a string on my hoodie until finally your hands do what you want and you grab the object in front of you. I seem to get pretty excited about this for some reason. Who knew such a simple task would bring me such joy?!? I think it makes you pretty happy as well. For example since you were born you’ve stared at the curtain that is right by your changing table. You would look at that curtain for hours if I would let you (who knows why, it’s just a white curtain with a brown stripe). And this month you finally reached out and grabbed it!!! By the look on your face you would have thought this was the greatest achievement of your life…well actually, it probably is!

You’ve also perfected the art of using your vocal cords, you can jabber pretty loud now. Your dad or I often sit in front of you talking and you will join in with your cute little noises. It’s my favorite thing in the world, well for now.

This month has also brought your first cold, which is probably the saddest thing in the world. I know it’s just a cold but every time you cough it just breaks my heart, we hate when you are sick.  But even though you are a little fussy and we can tell you are not feeling well you manage to still smile in between the coughs...that's what we love about you!

Here’s to another month!

We love you Kash!!!
Mom & Dad


Karen said...

OH! I love these monthly posts. I look forward to them every single month! :) I can not believe he is that old! I just can not wait to see him! :)

Bryan + Juli said...

Since sadly we don't live in the same town I love hearing how he's growing and seeing the side by side pictures! And I especially love hearing how you're growing into such an amazing mom! Can't wait to see how big he's going to be in month 4! haha

Sayward said...

Oh my goodness I love him so much! He is so so so cute and I love that you do these monthly things for him as well as for his "aunts" in other states . PS I meant Juli and I with that statement.

EggShel Mom said...

Oh my goodness. This is so sweet. I too love these monthly post and to read you talking to Kash. He is a very lucky little boy to have two wonderful parents. It's my thought that he knows this and that's why he's always so happy and smiling all the time. Love, love, love this lil guy!!!!