Thursday, April 8, 2010

grandma got a facelift

When Blaine and I go to the store we each get to pick out a treat.  Yes, I realize we are like 5 year olds who need a reward for behaving well in the store--whatev we just LOVE candy! Anyway my treat of choice is usually Raisinetes, the chocolate covered orange or raspberry sticks or Muddy Bears, and Blaine always makes fun of me for picking what he calls grandma treats.  Well last week when we were at Walmart picking out our treats I noticed that one of my favorite "grandma" treats has a new version, Raisnetes with cranberries-UPGRADE!!!  I'm a big fan of the Craisn and of Raisinetes so I was super super excited with this find! Seriously go buy some they are dang good!

Cranberries are cooler than raisins right?  So maybe now Blaine won't make fun of my treat selection?!  Yeah, probably not!


Bryan + Juli said...

I always love G-ma candy like those pink Canada mints so I feel your pain... (except the orange sticks I mean really E that's like the old lady from Titanic great g-ma style!)Crasins are the best though so I may have to scoop some of these little treats up! Thanks for letting me know they exsist!

Jason and Joy said...

You're goin to make a great grandma!!--jbf