Wednesday, July 14, 2010

baby's first baseball game

disclaimer: this is my blog therefor I get to brag about my baby, if this sort of thing nauseates you maybe don't read this post.

We were nervous.  Blaine just out right didn't want to take him.  But after many discussions, input from the fam and a last minute "should we just stay home" we packed up our boy (and his million accessories) and headed to what would be his first Rockies game.

There were thoughts that he would just cry the whole time, that there wouldn't be room for all his gear, that we would be miserable, but Kash was awesome!  He ate his dinner, wouldn't stop smiling at everyone that would make eye contact with him and then fell asleep in his car seat right at bedtime.  People all around us went out of their way to say, "wow he's such a good baby" and "dang he's the happiest baby I've ever seen"!  Yep, he's a pretty dang good boy and we are really lucky.  I still can't believe how good he was!

So, first baseball game down no sweat.  Okay so there was some sweat.  We got there a little late and had to park 7 + blocks away.  Meaning Blaine had to carry our giant baby, in his car seat, for 7 + blocks.  I tried to give him a turn but I didn't even last a block...that kid is freakin heavy!  Good job dad!

Overall it was a fun family outing and I'm glad we took the risk of taking Kash.  But I think to Blaine's dismay Kash might have inherited the people watching disease from me and didn't really catch much of the game :)


Karen said...

oh i knew little Kash would be a good little boy for you!! So glad you guys had fun!

Bryan + Juli said...

Hahaha I can't even look at his smile in pictues without laughing and smiling back just like over friendcation when he was supposed to be falling asleep but tried to make me laugh so I would play with him! I miss him!