Tuesday, July 6, 2010

fourth of july 20-10 style

We had a great fourth.  It was full of all the things it should be--American pride, family, bbq's, waffles (if you are a Turnbow), red. white. blue, lawn games, homemade ice cream....wait a second I see a food theme here, maybe that's why it's my favorite holiday???

I loved that the fourth fell on a Sunday this year because it ended up being a three day celebration.  I don't know that Kash loved the fact that the celebrations stretched out so long.  He did great at the Awful Waffle but by Monday he was done and ready to get back into his routine.  But he was a trooper and I loved celebrating with my little man. 

The only sad thing was that it was pouring rain the night of the fireworks.  I'm thinking it was for the better though because Kash was out an hour and a half before they started and would have probably been a little T.O.'d to have been woken by them. But we made up for it by hitting up the pool on Monday.

 363 days till the next Independence Day!


Karen said...

I love the 4th of July! It was so good to hang out with you guys! Kash is just so stinkin cute I can barely stand it! LOVE your swimming suit!!

Sayward said...

So festive gotta love it! Maybe looking at all this made me crave a hot dog and watermelon something fierce!

Bryan + Juli said...

Stellar fourth outfits as always! Also Sayward mentioning hot dogs and watermelon got me wanting both... I'm an eating machine when I'm not puking it's pretty sick.