Sunday, July 25, 2010

front porch makeover

I emailed my sister-in-law a few weeks ago and said we should do this craft for craft night.  Before I knew it she had practically done the whole thing for complaints here, I just felt bad she pretty much did everything for me!  Thanks Rach!!!!!

Here's how it turned out: 
We just live in a little apartment but even little apartments need welcoming front doors!  This craft even inspired me to go out and buy a plant, which I'm praying I don't kill!

I used my SCAL2 software (that I got for my birthday...thanks Mom & Blaine!!!!) for the "Welcome" sign...that is after many swear words.  Turns out I needed to update my Cricut before trying to cut with the software, that would have been nice to know before spending 5 hours on what should have been a 1 hour project for another craft.  But Blaine fixed it before I started this project and it now works like a dream.  Although I'm worried everything in my house might be covered in vinyl by the end of the week!

Do I recommend this craft?  Eh, if you have a really awesome sister-in-law or a handy husband.  I'm not sure I would have completed it all by myself.  It's not hard just a lot of steps.  But I'm so glad Rachel made sure we finished this because I think it adds a lot to my front porch.  And now we have big plans to make a sign for every holiday. haha

FYI--we made our posts a little taller and wider because than the craft blog suggested because well just because we thought it looked better.  


Andrea said...

Oh that Rachel. She's a keeper!

Julianne Dewey said...

Cute porch!! And you know I'm lovin' the idea of signs you can change out!

Karen said...

Oh that is super cute! :)

Di said...

What a darling sign holder. I want one. :)

The Lotts said...

Very cute. Man i need someone for craft nights. Im not a crafty person at all!