Tuesday, August 3, 2010

6 months

Hey Kash,
Happy half birthday (on July 19th)! It seriously feels like I was pushing your giant head out just yesterday! You are growing right before our eyes and for some reason it makes me extremley emotional. With every "first" that occurs in your life it seems to bring on a tear or two from your over emotional mamma! Obviously I want you to develop and grow but this is a lot harder for me than I thought it would be. I feel like before I know it you won't be my baby boy anymore...

Okay, okay I'm sure if you could you would be rolling your eyes right about now (I'm sure your dad is) so we will move on to your milestones. YOU GOT YOUR FIRST TOOTH THIS LAST MONTH! Big big news right? I'm sure you didn't think it was as exciting as you got really congested, kinda fussy and it was hard for you to sleep through the night. But I was so excited the day your Aunt Joy text me saying that my baby boy definitely had a tooth coming through! You look so cute with one little chomper tooth sticking out and the second one broke through this weekend so you soon will have two little teeth! You look so old to me now.

You are sitting up like a champ. And now that you can sit up this is all you want to do. The days of you lounging calmly in your bouncer while I put on my make up are long gone. You now have to be sitting up in your bouncer like a big boy trying to get a better view on the world. And did I mention that you are wiggle worm? You love to be moving and exploring. You won't even let me rock you to sleep anymore (insert sad face). Which isn't a bad thing (again this is me being over emotional about an important milestone), you are great at your bedtime routine. We read you a book, say prayers, turn on the music and lay you in your crib and most nights you just turn your head and we don't hear a peep out of you until morning. This didn't happen with out a little work on our part though.  It took a few nights of you screaming before we were able to make this routine go so smoothly, but you are such a good boy and I'm proud of you for making your bedtime routine such a breeze.

SOLIDS...yes you started solids this last month and you hate them. Oh well get used to them because I'm not going to be that mom that is breastfeeding a five year old!

Your fine motor skills are improving. The other day you saw a string on your shirt and worked so hard to get your chubby little fingers on it, it was pretty cute. You can also pick up your pacifier and put it in your mouth. It was bizarre to look over the other day and see you sucking on a pacifier that I hadn't given you.  You will get your hands on anything within reach!  The doctor's visit was a lot more entertaining this month.  As the nurse tried to lay you on the scale you decided you needed to sit up and then proceeded to grab all the hand outs and tools that were around the scale.
Speaking of the scale you are starting to slow down on the growth chart. You went from the 100th percentile down to the 97th at your 6 month check up. You now weigh 23 lbs and are 28 inches long. You are in 12 month clothes and some of those are even a little tight (like the 12 mo. sized onsie in these pictures).

Your little personality is starting to shine. You are still a happy go lucky baby but now you have an opinion if something doesn't go your way. It seems you have a love for dogs and things you shouldn't have (ie-paper, keys, boxes, etc) and you LOVE people and little kids and you love peek-a-boo.

We love you Kash!  I'm sure all of these things that you are learning to do are normal and every baby before you has accomplished them...but it's new and exciting to us to watch you grow!
Mom & Dad


Karen said...

AWW. I have been checking every day for this post!! :) I love you guys! Kash is such a cute little guy! Can't wait to see him tomorrow!

Amanda A said...

Kash is so cute. Clint and I have taken month pictures of our kids too. It is amazing how much they grow is just 6 months.

Bryan + Juli said...

Oh man he is the cutest baby and you and Blaine are the cutest parents I just love your little family!!! :) Oh and I died when you said "it seems like just yesterday I was pushing out your giant head" hahaha awesome can't wait for him to read that one day!!!

Anonymous said...

I just happened to be browsing the blogs and yours was the first one I stopped at.....what a FUN family and such a cutie pie!!!I also laughed at:
"it seems like just yesterday I was pushing out your giant head" !LOL!Thank you for sharing a bit of your life on your blog!Very cool!

Anonymous said...

I was the "anonymous"!LOL!{I am new to blogging.} =)

Moe said...

well I tried.....lol! =)