Wednesday, August 18, 2010

high uinta man trip 2010

Blaine really should be doing this post since he's the one that went on the trip and could give you an exciting play by play of his man trip in the mountains.  But instead I'm doing it so just enjoy my interpretation of the trip!

Love the location of the foot!

Jason (in his hunting skirt) and Wayne Turnbow eating some lunch. 

Such a cool picture!  I guess they hiked to the top of this mountain and there was all these crazy rocks.  I would be scared out of my mind (I have a fear of falling rocks), but makes for an awesome picture.
Walking sticks ha
Wayne Turnbow

Blaine Turnbow

hahah what are you doing here Jase?!?!


Karen said...

Looks like so much fun!!!

Jason and Joy said...

What's with all the wise cracks, Eggs? Hunting skirt?! That would be my jacket used as a pair of pants while my shorts were drying. Prior to sitting down to each lunch (camera free) I went swimming to retrieve a nice fishing lure that was stuck in a water-logged log. And the last picture of me standing all alone in a meadow--just playing with my GPS! Enough explaining myself... Thanks for letting Blaine leave you all alone to come to Utah for a whole week while we all sharpened our outdoorsmen skills!!

Bryan + Juli said...

Hahaha love this mountain man getaway! Wish we could have a girl's version of this!