Thursday, August 19, 2010

Team Turnbow Season Opener

Training camp is over and Team Turnbow is charged up for the 2010-2011 season.  This year looks to be promising for the Turnbow's as they picked up an all star rookie, Kash Turnbow, in the off season.  "Kash is sure to pull his weight and from what we could tell at camp he seems to fit right in with the team," said Coach Blaine Turnbow.  The Turnbow's have some big games ahead of them this year but each player's dedication to the team is sure to bring more W's than loses.

Okay, okay enough of the "team turnbow" joke...

Today's our fourth anniversary and I'll try and spare you the mushiness--only because I'm sure it would embarrass Blaine.  But we are in love.  Marriage is hard but we are way better at it then we were four years ago that's for sure.  Communication, patience, compromise and unconditional love are things we've become really good at over the past four years.

I didn't know it about six years ago when Blaine was trying to "court me" (haha), but we are prefect for each other!

Happy Anniversary Blaine!

i love you

And what's an anniversary post with out a few pics of us together?!?! :)


Karen said...

YAY! I love you guys!! Happy 4 years! I am so glad you're in our family eggs!!

Bryan + Juli said...

LOVING THE SPORTS COMMENTARY!!!! hahaha I literally LOL-ed! Just love you Turnbows and am really excited about the new addition to the team!