Thursday, September 30, 2010

kash 8 months

Hey Kasher,

Eight months old? Dang, boy you are getting so old! But the older you get the funnier you get…if that’s even possible! :)

Although, you have been kind of a pill about sleeping this last month, but I think that’s just because your teeth are bothering you. You used to sleep till around 6:00am but lately you’ve been waking up at 4:00am and want to start your day then…sorry buddy that’s just not happening. Hopefully your top two teeth will break through soon and we can get back to our normal routine.

You still have a hilarious obsession with dogs. When we go on walks on Sunday afternoons you will spot a dog clear down the path and just randomly start laughing, it’s pretty dang funny! This is definitely one of our favorites right now.

You are on the verge of crawling. I think I said that last month but you are definitely closer this month. You can scoot backwards but then get frustrated that you can’t move forward. You get up on your hands and knees and rock but don’t actually go anywhere. But if you really want something, a cord, my dinner plate, a bug on the ground…aka anything you aren’t supposed to have, you find a way to get to it!

You LOVE to take baths! You think it’s hysterical when I squirt you with a toy fish, you are really good at getting me soaking wet and think it’s really funny to try and get out of the tub…it’s not that funny Kash! You’ve also started to wave your arms around like a wild man which has enhanced your splash range!

You are jabbering up a storm adding new consonants to your words every week. You’ve finally started saying ma-ma-ma in addition to dat, ba, dad and your favorite is bub. Sometimes you will just say “bub” once and then laugh like it’s your own inside joke. You are so cute! Again I will say I know these are normal child developmental milestones but it’s so much cuter when your own kid does it.
This month’s photo shoot produced some real winners. It’s getting harder and harder to take your monthly picture because you are moving all over the place! The pictures were so hilarious it was hard to pick just a few!

We love you baby boy. You are so fun to be around and make us laugh every single day!


Mom & Dad


Hillfivesome said...

ANd I am the lucky one to have him today. Thanks for giving me the opportunity.

Karen said...

I love this post, like I love every monthly post! :) It makes me feel more in the loop with my nephew! :) These pictures are by far the best! Such a little character! Bub will be my new favorite word now too! :) Love you and can't wait to see you in like a week anda half!

Andrea said...

I didn't think it was possible for him to get any cuter. But he does. Love it!

Bryan + Juli said...

Ok I think this is my favorite month yet! The hawk is getting more and more awesome and I can NOT wait to see him in a couple weeks!!!

Noel said...

Super cute little boy! What a doll. BTW - where did you get your bedspread and pillows? Ursula

erica said...

Hi Ursula (feels weird calling you that ha),

Thanks, we are pretty fond of the boy ourselves! :)

The bedding is Dwell Studio-Robin Motif and the fabric I used to cover the chair is Amy Butler-Solid Olive.

Thanks, hope you are doing well!

Noel said...

Doing great - teaching EM seminary, again!. Love your bedroom decor!