Sunday, October 31, 2010

Kash 9 months

Hi Kash,

It's me your mom.  You have changed so much in the last month and you are learning so many new tricks!  You can pull yourself up to things, you love to clap, you can dance (aka bounce up and down), you can do "so big", you can eat bites of table food now--whew this has been a big month for you.

You still aren't crawling, and to be honest I thought you would be by now.  But you are getting closer than last month.  You can take a few "crawls" and then fall on your belly and get mad.  I can tell that you just want to move and explore and it makes you very frustrated that you can't, soon enough boy.  The doctor said it's normal because you are bigger than most babies and you just need to build up the strength to move your big ol' body! ha It would actually be nice for you to be a little more independent as you are breaking my back!

Speaking of your size...this month you were due for another well check at the doctor's.  You are slowing down, as predicted by some, on the growth chart.  You weigh 24.2 lbs (95th%) 29 in. (85th%) and your head is in the 85th percentile as well.  You still dominate in comparison to any baby your age that we know though.

Things you love this month:  you love playing with your dad!  You think it's so funny when he plays peek-a-boo although we should rename it raaarrahh-a-boo because you and dad just scream at each other. And no surprise you LOVE that you can have real food now.  Your diet still mainly consists of baby food, cereal and milk but you love when you get to taste what we are eating.  You love being outside and you like to be around people.

Your top tooth finally came in!  This was by far the hardest of the three teeth you have.  You seemed to be a little extra fussy and not sleeping through the night due to this stubborn tooth that took it's time coming through!  But it's finally in and you are back to your old happy, sleeping through the night self!

I still can't believe what a good boy your are about going to bed.  You never cry when we put you down, well if you are at home in your crib that is (traveling seems to be a little rough).  Sometimes you'll talk yourself to sleep but very rarely do you cry.  I think it might help that you are obsessed with your blankey that you only get at bed time.  Every time you see it you squeal with excitement until you get your hands on it which at that point your bury your face into it.  We still need to get you this excited about naps! haha I'm sure that will never happen.  You used to be such a good little baby that would bury his head into the nook of my arm and fall right asleep.  Now we have to trick you into taking naps by sitting quietly on the couch and watching tv (I know awesome parenting right?) until your eyes get too heavy and you fall asleep.

As always we love you Kash!  You keep us on our toes and sometimes wear us out but we wouldn't have it any other way. You have the funniest little personality and seem to have such a joy for life that brightens our home!

Mom & Dad


Karen said...

This is the post that I look for every month! Its hard to believe that he is already 9 months old! My goodness! He is so cute!!

Bryan + Juli said...

Talk about a big month! Kash is just growing and changing like crazy. I love looking at all of the pics to see how he's changed such an adorable boy!!