Sunday, October 10, 2010

pumpkin fest 2010

Two of my favorite things, fall and festivals makes Pumpkin Fest an ultimate fave!  I fit in a little more this year with a baby in tow compared to before when I would just go into the petting zoo by myself!  I'm pretty sure the reason I had a baby was to take him to places like this and force him to love festivals as much as I do, okay maybe not the only reason...

I didn't really have to force Kash, he had a great time all on his own!  But really he takes after his mom and just loves to be around people no matter what the activity is.  We thought for sure he would love the dog races, because he loves dogs (duh), but he was more interested in picking the grass and grabbing the fence.

Highlight of Pumpkin Fest for me was the fact that they play the Monster Mash!

Since this is our second year attending Pumpkin Fest (I'm going to blame pregnancy for not attending last year) I'm hoping this now makes it a Turnbow tradition! 

 Little gems like this make Pumpkin Fest extra special! 


Karen said...

When I am finally in Colorado again in the fall.. I would like to join you guys. :) This looks like a lot of fun! Fall is officially my favorite! Can't wait to see you Wednesday!

Bryan + Juli said...

Oh man I love this Pumpkin Fest and I've never even been! I especially love all of the pics of Kash loving the fall dressed so cute with his hawk glistening in the autumn sun!

Brooke said...

nothing finer that a cute baby at a cute pumpkin patch! It just makes me love fall a bit more!