Sunday, October 17, 2010

road trip! just the two of us

Last week I was a brave soul and packed up Kash and ventured to Utah (without the husband!).  I was a little nervous but luckily Kash did great there and back, I was actually was just the actual visit he was a little pill about!

Here's our road trip in picture form:

Leaving Colorado...pretty. 

Thanks to Blaine he hooked up the mirror and DVD player...both were life savers!  And Kash LOVED his petting farm DVD--and I'm pretty sure I have it memorized.   

Finally made it to UTAH!

But then we had to leave, this is the part I got emotional ha!  (Logan Canyon)

I love this part in the canyon on your way to Bear Lake where the trees canopy the road! (don't mind the bug filled windshield)

 And then back home to the CO.  I was actually pretty excited to see this sign! 

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t & e said...

I'm pretty impressed you ventured that drive by yourself. you are super brave! i think kash is the cutest ever, i just want to kiss him!