Sunday, November 21, 2010

Kash 10 months


Ten months--double digits booooyyy!!! are mobile!  A week after I wrote your 9 month post you decided it was time to crawl.  We were at your aunt Joy's house, Grandpa Turnbow held out a pen for you and you were determined to get it.  You got up on your hands and knees and just crawled over there like an old pro!  I couldn't believe it.  You never looked back after that and now you are crawling all over the place.  While it keeps us busy you are so excited to go where ever you want.  You love to crawl to our coffee table or couch and then walk all around the house via the furniture.  Sometimes you forget that you can't actually walk yet and turn around to take a step and fall.  We'll see if this means you will be an early walker. :)

I feel like your personality is really starting to shine.  You are very aware of your surroundings, what people say and noises that happen around the house.  If our heater kicks on you look around to see who is making that noise.  You are also have a very animated face.  I love when you raise your eyebrows and say ooooo or stick out your sass lips and scrunch up your nose.  But with the good also come the bad!  If you don't get what you want you will throw your hands down and grunt/scream.  Not cool Kash.  If you want food it's the same thing you pound on your high chair and growl until someone gives you a bite.  Speaking of bites you love to eat off my plate.  Anytime you see that I'm eating something you crawl right over demanding a bite.  We are working on your table manors!!!

You may love to eat since you actually have teeth now!  You are up to five!  Three on top and the two on bottom.  Your top teeth make you look so grown up and kinda makes me sad.  I know it's obviously a good thing that you are getting your teeth but you just seem to be growing up way too fast for me to handle!  I think the fact that I'm working full time only makes time go by faster, which is really hard on me!  I so wish I could be at home with you all day, every day Kash!

(yeah you were being a little difficult this photo shoot and just wanted to get down and play with your books! Little stinker!)

You still love bath time, to the point that when I turn the water on you start laughing and bouncing up and down. Lately you love to lay in the water, when I try and sit you back up you just arch your back and stiffen your body to try and lay back down...future Olympic swimmer?  As long as you are in the Olympics! haha

While you are a lot of work these days and often wear me out (I don't know how Grandma Turnbow does it all day) I think this might be my favorite stage.  Although, anytime I hold a newborn I miss little baby Kash and it makes me sad that you are growing up so fast.  But right now you are so fun to play with and make us laugh all the time with the faces and noises you make!

We love you sooooooo much Bubs!
Mom & Dad


SassAFrass said...

So cute! Glad to hear this man is finally getting around on his own and making mischief happen!
Keep up the good work Kash, your mom likes to chase after you :)
Hope you guys make Feb happen.

Bryan + Juli said...

Oh man he's the cutest! And I'm pretty sure he gets the wanting to share food gene from you and not his Dad! hahaha