Wednesday, December 8, 2010

christmas tree!

This post is a little late considering the event took place Thanksgiving weekend but anyway...
Trying to decide who is going in which car.  Joy loved that I took this picture! haha

The Christmas tree tradition was alive and kickin this year since the whole Turnbow family was in town.  We headed up to the mountains like always but since our family continues to grow we had to take three cars.  What seemed sad at first turned out to be a great "truckin" adventure.  Each car had walkie talkies...I now love walkie talkies! haha  

Stuffing baby bear into the backpack 

This was also Kash's first year making the trek to the wilderness to find the "perfect" Christmas tree.  He did great!  He thought it was so fun to be slung on dad's back and he thought it was awesome that I dressed him up as a bear haha!  But his FAVORITE part was when Blaine would hit trees with branches.  He would just laugh so hard every time dad hit a tree, must be a boy thing?!

Blaine and I found a pretty good tree early on but felt that we needed to keep searching to make sure it was our best option.  Well if you can believe it when we realized it was our best option and went back to cut it down another family was chopping away!  In the whole forest someone picked our tree to take home?  Unbelievable!!!

 Tyler resting with a turkey sandwich. 

Anyway, we found an okay tree and I tried to gussy it up to the best of my abilities.  I would post a picture but it pretty much looks exactly like it has in the past. 

I really love this tradition!!!  I look forward to it all year!

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Karen said...

baby bear is too cute. :) this was such a fun time! see you sooo soon!