Sunday, January 30, 2011

Kash 12 months

The hawk is flying high these days! haha
Happy Birthday Bubs!

I knew the time would go by fast, but I honestly can't believe a year has come and gone and that my baby boy is one year old. As much as I miss you as a sweet little newborn you are pretty great as a one year old as well!

I'm always impressed with your ability to learn new things. For the past few months I've been trying to teach you a few simple signs to make it easier for you to communicate with us. Well this last month you finally got a few and have learned how to apporpirately use them. You know how to say finished and more. Of course these signs are acted out to the best of your ability but it's so nice for you to be able to tell us what you need or want.

You are also a walking boy now! You started to take a few steps before your birthday and now you can walk across the room and always prefer to walk over crawling. But in walking you have gained some battle wounds, as you can see in these pictures the coffee table won the last battle.

You are our little explorer. Getting into anything and everything you can. Which means we are working on listening, boundaries and rules. These are so not fun to teach you!  For the most part you are a pretty good listener like when we ask you to close the drawer you actually do it...and then just open it up again! ha

It's not all roses with you Kashers!  As captured by the last picture you definitely throw a fit when you don't get your way!  Don't worry I talked to the doctor about this and she said it's perfectly developmentally normal as you test limits and learn new things!  You were mad in this picture that we wouldn't let you stand up on the chair! ha Lucky for you, you're still cute even when you are mad! 

Talking is on your horizon as well.  You can say momma and dada, something that sounds like grandpa and baby.  Although lately when I ask you to say baby you just scream, I don't know what that's about.  You are still jabbering like crazy though and I have a feeling when you actually do start talking we won't hear the end of it.

You are getting so fun to play with and interact with.  You definitely have a fun little personality that makes me laugh all the time.  You think it's fun the wrestle around with dad on the floor and still like to be scared.

Well this is the last of your monthly letters bubs.  It was really important to me that you have something to reference your first year of life.  And of course I'll still document the rest of your life :) it just won't be through monthly letters.

We love you!!!!!
Mom & Dad

weight 26 lbs--95th percentile
height 31 in.--70th percentile
head--75th-90th percentile
(short and stocky haha)

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Karen said...

I love these posts! Kashers makes me one proud auntie!