Monday, February 28, 2011

utah trip: frandsen's

First stop on our way to Ava's blessing was down to Price to visit Joy and her fam.  It was awesome to just relax, chat and chase our kids around.

Jocelyn is so funny and was really excited to have us come.  I wasn't sure why since when she's in Denver she's not really interested in us but as soon I saw her she said, "Oh thanks for coming!" haha such a cute little girl!  And it was great to see how much Joelle is growing and changing.  She's so bright eyed and happy, Joy is lucky to have such sweet little girlies.

Kash loved all of Jocelyn's toys and following her around, but I'm pretty sure Jocelyn was sick of Kash playing with her dolls and was ready for us to leave! haha

While Joy and I hung out with the kids one day Jason and Blaine went snowmobiling (yes boys I'm telling this story!) and Joy and I thought they would be home before dark.  Well dark came and no word from the husbands.  Joy and I were frantic thinking that something had happened and started to freak out, to the point that we were both thinking in our heads how we were going to be single mom's!  Finally around 9:30pm we got a call from Jason saying that they had just got stuck a few times and were on their way home.  Oh man I don't think I've ever been that worried about Blaine in my whole life!  But Blaine had an awesome time and I'm glad he got to go...seeing as how it's his last snowmobile trip ever! haha

Thanks Frandsen's for letting us visit and for being awesome hosts.  Joy, I'm kinda craving your breakfast special right now! ha

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Jason and Joy said...

HA HA HA HA Breakfast special!!! ha ha ha ha Any time you want cold cereal - and I was feeling bad I didn't make you guys something awesome! We miss you guys! It was so fun having you here and Jocelyn has asked every day when you are coming back. and Oh man...the snowmobile ride....that was the most freaked out I have ever been - sorry I didn't remain calm for you! :-) We love you and can't wait to see you again and see your new house!!