Saturday, March 19, 2011

14 months

Even though I decided not to do Kash's monthly posts after his 1st birthday, I still want to document from time to time what he's doing.  He learns new things and is growing so fast I just don't want to forget a single thing!

Kash's little personality continues to shine the older he gets.  He laughs all the time and often at his own jokes that no one else gets.  He loves when his dad plays "grenade launcher" with him...aka Blaine throws the cord on a blow dryer and pretends to blow up things.  It must be a boy thing because I try and Kash doesn't laugh nearly as hard as when dad does it.  Kash has also learned to do it himself.  So anytime he sees a cord he throws it and then throws his arms up in the air and screams like it's blowing up, haha odd I know!  

This last month also brought Kash's first big accident.  He fell and cut his lip pretty bad.  There was blood everywhere and I felt like the worst mom ever.  I called Blaine's mom and asked her what I should do! haha  She comforted me and Kash and I made it through the day.  He actually handled it really well.  I thought the fat lip would affect his eating or make him fussy but he didn't seem to mind.  Just created a lot of extra drool to appear on his shirt.  Unfortunately I know this is just the first of many bumps and bruises that this kid will encounter! 

Kash is learning what noise animals make.  He knows what a cat says and an elephant.  He tries to do a bee but I think that's one that only mom can interpret for now.  He can also say hi, mama, dada, a version of grandma and grandpa, and up.  He's still signing for things that he wants which is so helpful to us!

Kash is a very sweet boy and has become very snuggly lately.  He will randomly come up and give me a hug or pat my back.  And the other day when I picked him up from grandma's he ran over and gave me a hug/pats and I darn near cried.  Every day I pick him up he never wants anything to do with me and runs to grandma and looks at me like, "I'm not leaving!" So that made my day when he did that.

Kash has also been working on his dance moves.  He's always loved music but now that he can walk and move he's starting to really get into it.  Anytime he hears music he starts dancing!  Today we were at Lowe's and there was a beeping noise and apparently Kash thought it was music and started boppin along haha!

Here's a little video of Kash dancing to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, I posted it on Facebook but for those of you who aren't on FB I thought I would share it here as well.  Micky Mouse is Kash's FAVORITE show and anytime it's on he will stop whatever he's doing to watch it.  It's the only show he will watch all the way through.

He's definitely growing to be his own little person with his own ideas of things.  He's perfected the tantrum and even embarrassed me in Target.  The other day he was screaming so loud checking out that the ladies behind me made me feel like I punched him in the face.  I heard them behind me, "He was being so good and cute a few minutes ago...hmmm that's weird that he's so mad now!"  Gotta love the random people at stores.

Anyway, we love Kash tantrums, smiles, jokes and all.  Each day I feel like I love him more and more and I seriously feel so grateful to be his mama!


Karen said...

YAY! I love these posts! Kash is so cute and I am so lucky to be his aunt! :)

t & e said...

He seriously can't be 14 months. That has gone by way to fast. I love that video, he is soooo cute! Poor little guy with his fat lip but even with that fat lip he is still adorable.

SassAFrass said...

I love that dang dancing video. It might be AFV worthy.Think about it.