Wednesday, March 2, 2011

utah trip: aunt karen

Next stop on the Utah Express was Karen!  If there's anyone that loves Kash more than us it's probably Karen! haha  It will be sad when she has her own kids and doesn't love mine as much haha

We picked her up from her apartment, but in true Erica/Karen fashion we had to get a few pics first.

Blaine was pretty excited about Karen's love for the Nuggets...lame! 
Then we went to Cafe Sabor for dinner.  But we were a little disappointed when we realized they raised the prices, still good food though.  When we came out of the restaurant it was blizzard!  I seriously forgot how much it snows in Logan and how quickly.  I kinda loved it though, it wouldn't be a Logan trip with out a blizzard!  Kash just so happened to love it as well.  He kept trying to grab the snowflakes and giggling!

Bad news is that it delayed the Dewey's flight and they didn't get into Logan till 3am!

Good to see you Karen!  Can't wait for you to be home for the summer!


Karen said...

My favorite post of all time! :) It is true I do love Kash SO so SOO much! I will still love him the same when I have my own, and lets me honest, I won't be having kids any time soon! It was so fun to see you guys in Logan! Thanks for stopping by!! See you Friday!!

Bryan + Juli said...

Oh I love that last pic of you and Kash infront of Smith's! Karen is an awesome aunt you can jut tell Kash loves her!