Friday, April 22, 2011

Kash 15 months

15 mo. and no hands
Oh Kash!  You sure are becoming our independent little toddler.  This week we took you to your "15th month well baby checkup".  You've always been a little angel at the doctor.  You would sit there and let the doctor look at your eyes and ears and smile and we would only here a little peep out of you when you would get a shot.  Well I'm afraid those peaceful doctor's visits are over.  You were kind of a pill the entire time this visit.  You were running down the hall as I tried to fill out the questionnaire.  You continually told the doctor "NO".  You cried the entire time she checked all your body parts.  I couldn't believe my sweet little baby was acting like this.  She kept telling your dad and I how "strong willed" you were, that's a nice way to put it! haha  Good news is you are a healthy and most of the time happy boy.  You now weigh 28 lbs. and are 31.5 inches tall, the doctor was happy to see that you are starting to slow down on the growth chart.

I will say that some of your orneriness is probably from teething.  Last month you got two molars on top and your two bottom ones are cutting through right now.  But the other part I think is just your age and your need to express your independence.

You are really starting to talk more and learn more words, although your favorite word right now is "no" and it kinda drives me crazy!  You are learning what more animal noises are and you are getting good at mimicking people. It's nice that we are able to communicate with you more and understand your needs.  You still use a few baby signs but you are starting to replace those with the real words.

You are a pretty funny little boy as well.  When you get a laughing response out of someone for something you do you continue to do it over and over again...which is a typical toddler thing to do I'm sure.   You love playing with your dad and trying to make him laugh or love when he does silly things that make you laugh.  Often times you will walk around the house saying da-da looking in each room when he's not home.  And when we pull into the driveway and the garage door opens you always say da-da?  Assuming for some reason that he's just sitting in the garage waiting for us to come home.  You love playing with balls and you love when dad plays along with you.  He recently bought you your first baseball and bat and you love it.

You are really into books.  I've had the pleasure of taking work off this week and just spending time with you.  And for about two hours every morning we would play in your room and you bring me book after book to read to you.  You definitely have your favorite books and it seems like you are starting to memorize them too.  Reading with you always makes me think I have the smartest little 1 year old in the world!

You love to climb.  You would climb on everything if we let you.  As you continue to grow you continue to get into more things that were once out of reach and safe from your chubby little hands.  You've even figured out how to open our cabinets with the baby proof locks on them!  There's seriously nothing you can't get into.

You are a sweet little boy with an awesome personality.  We love you Kash and feel so grateful everyday for the joy and happiness you bring to our family.  It's not easy being a parent and there are often hard moments of frustration, tiredness and just a feeling of we aren't always sure what we are doing.  But every single minute is worth it.  You make us want to be better people so that you can be the best person you can be.  You've made our hearts grow.  We love you more than you will ever know!

Mom & Dad


Just Julie said...

When I read your Letters to Kash and how much you love him, it makes me less terrified to be a mother someday.

erica said...

Aww that is the sweetest comment ever, thanks Juli. It is scary actually I'm sometimes still scared that I'm messing the poor kid up, but it's totally worth it!

Karen said...

I love Kash, and your letters! Can't wait to play this summer!

Bryan + Juli said...

What an adorable little toddler he is... even if he is strong willed! haha Glad to see some of these letters making their way back onto the blog I miss the monthly letters glad you did them so I could copy you! Thanks for making me a better mom by your example love you bestie!