Tuesday, April 5, 2011

craigslist gem

I've been searching craigslist non-stop the past month looking for a new kitchen table.  Our current one isn't exactly filling the new space.
Don't mind the bare walls, this kitchen has a long ways to go!

Well the other day I found this gem...

hahah although it would be hard to eat dinner on this table I'm sure it would provide hours of entertainment for the Turnbow's.  Unfortunately for us I passed.

I never found a table that I liked on craigslist for a reasonable price, but I did stumble on this Ana White website that has tutorials on how to make furniture.  And I even got a commitment from Blaine that he would make this table for me!

Modern Farm Table
mine will be black and with chairs instead of benches
I figure if I post it on the blog he has to do it! I can't even tell you how excited I am about it!!!!  What's even better is that the tutorial says is shouldn't be more than $50.  This style of table usually runs between $200-$500

Napa Dining Table | World Market
World Market $499
I'm sure Blaine will take care of this little project this weekend and I'll post pictures on Monday.



bell family said...

I love that web site I just made my first coffee table and I did it by myself in one day. She has tons of cute plans. I love that table and would build it but I already have a table.

SassAFrass said...

Hilarious and awesome!
You tricked me at first.I thought you had gotten that rad couch and game table. You know Kash would have liked that sweet thing when he entertains the ladies later in life.
Too bad!
Anways, I hope Blaine makes you that sweet table.See if he'll make us one while he is at it!

Karen said...

I LOVE the curtains! They look fabulous in the kitchen!! That table will look great, Blaine better start making it!! :)

Julianne Dewey said...

Hahaha ohhh man love Craigslist for finds like thatrockin' couch table! So I always love this table at Ikea http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/20176847 and wish I had more space to get it because it's pretty and such a good deal... so I could live through you if you get it! lol but if you can get Blaine to whip you up that awesome table for $50 that would be amazing and super homowner/ DIY of you Turnbows HGTV would be proud.