Sunday, April 10, 2011

day to myself

This Saturday I got a day all to myself full of pampering and shopping!  Last month Blaine and I put a little wager on the NCAA basketball brackets...if Blaine won I would fold my clothes for a month right after the dryer turns off instead of letting them sit there till next Tuesday when Blaine does the laundry again (that never really happens so I'm not sure why Blaine picked this as his prize).  If I won I wanted a day all to myself.  Don't get me wrong, I love my family and crave spending time with Kash, but I just thought it would be nice not to have to run errands around a nap schedule and not have a crying baby determine when it's time to leave a store.

Well I'm sure you guys figured out who won...ME!!!  So sorry sports loving husband.  Not so sorry that I don't have to fold my clothes fresh from the dryer!

Anyway my day off went a little something like this:

a yummy salad from Mad Greens
then it was massage time (sorry for the blurry pic, I was trying to take it quick so no one would bust me for taking a ridiculous picture of myself!)
And then I got my toes did
Followed up by a little shopping, no photos taken since that part of the day was somewhat of a bust. 

This was a much needed self care day!  Thanks for losing Blaine, but even more thanks for letting me have a nice day off and watching Kash!  Can't wait for March Madness 2012, I think I might ask for the same thing.


Karen said...

YAY! I love what Blaine's prize would have been! TOO funny! I also love your shoes, and the fact that I think you are wearing leggings! :) I am so glad you had this day!!

SassAFrass said...

That is awesome! I am SO craving a massage like crazy. I think I might be asking for one for my birthday. The toes look good too! Just in time for Spring.
Miss you lady friend. Wish we could get our toes done together.

Bryan + Juli said...

Oh man this post reminded me I need to use the massage Bry got me for Christmas luggin' around a chunky baby wears out the ol' back (as you well know since you had the biggest baby ever! lol) But the main thing I wanted to tell you is that you need to take me to that salad place next time we're in Denver... fat kid thing to say yes but man that salad looks good! Love you miss you good work on dominating and winning by the way... bet Blaine hated that!