Tuesday, May 31, 2011

dear ikea,

IKEA I-25 & County Line Rd. Denver, CO
I was wondering if you would be willing to open a little sooner than this fall.  Don't get me wrong I'm very excited about your arrival to Denver...but I just wish your grand opening was a little sooner.  You see we just bought our first home and there's lots of new space that needs your touch and your ginormous sign is kind of a tease!

For example I have big plans for this rug in my living room.  Think something like this rug.

ERSLEV Rug, flatwoven

And this rug would look pretty cute in our basesment. 
GISLEV Rug, low pile
It would have been nice to have had you around last weekend when we bought our new couch, because this one looks a lot more comfortable than the one we got...


Oh and I need about a million of your frames for a gallery wall up my stairs. 

So if there's any chance that your grand opening could move to June 1st I would be one happy customer.

Desperate new home owner who wants her house to become a home


Hillfivesome said...

Erika, IKEA just announced that they are going to open early July 27th. Em

erica said...

Emily are you serious????

Kiera said...

soi loved the white Erslev rug so much I went out and bought one as soon as I saw your post... so cute!

erica said...

ha that's awesome Kiera, you'll have to post a picture!