Tuesday, May 10, 2011

dirty 30

Okay so I'm not so sure there's too much "dirtiness" about being 30 (I just always hear people call it that), but I wouldn't know you'll have to ask Blaine...since it was his birthday and he turned the big 3-0!!!

Since it was a monumental birthday I wanted to do something a little extra special.  I had miniature golf all planned out but the weather wasn't cooperating so the day before I had to come up with a last minute plan on a limited budget.  My mom suggested bowling and bowling it was.  Actually I knew Blaine would love this, he's always trying to get me to go bowling but it just so happen that I hate the "sport" and always refuse to go.

On our way to the alley Blaine didn't know where we were going I just giving him turn by turn direction.  Well when I gave up on that and just gave him the cross streets he guessed what the surprise activity was and yelled in excitement...dang I didn't know he liked bowling that much!

I think this picture sums up our family perfectly! 
But it actually turned out to be a fun night and I'm glad we did it.  Thanks to Blaine's family for helping it be a fun night as well!
signs of a random dance party from the "boys",  yeah I just call them that now

Happy birthday Blaine!  I love you so much!  I hope you had a great birthday and just a reminder, you'll always be older than me!

Love you!

go here to see more pics of the big event

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Anonymous said...

I seriously love your new template!! How did you make your header? I want one like that!!!

P.S. I can't believe that Blaine is that old!!!!! I remember holding him as a baby. I made him a blanket as a girl scout project LOL