Wednesday, May 4, 2011

oh hello easter.

(this really should be like 3 posts, instead it's one big mega post)

If there's one thing that sold me on marrying Blaine it was his family and their love for holidays...ha okay and a few other things sold me but that was definitely a perk.  I love that we live close to the Turnbow's and that Marilyn plans fun little activities for us for each holiday.  It's a literal dream come true for me to have Kash grow up with traditions and around some of his family.

To kick off Easter week we started with a little cookie decorating party.  It was just Marilyn, Kitt, Kash & I this year.  But we manage to knock out a bunch of awesome bunnies and eggs!

A few days later we dyed Easter eggs with the fam.  It was fun this year because Kitt was really into and produced some pretty good eggs!

Then Easter finally arrived.  I could barely sleep knowing that the Easter bunny had come to our house during the night (well that I the fact that I had to give a talk on Easter Sunday didn't help).  Kash was very excited to come down the stairs that morning to see what the Easter bunny had left for him. Don't mind our undecorated unfinished living room :(

After we cleaned up the chocolate monster we headed to church.  Sadly these were the two "best" family pictures we got.  Yes Mickey is part of the fam now (I even say goodnight to him as I tuck Kash into bed).

After a fine Easter day at church (and surviving the dreaded talk) it was off to Grandma & Grandpa Turnbow's house for dinner and an Easter egg hunt. I'm not sure I knew it but I think I've waited my whole life to have a child and watch him participate in an Easter egg hunt...I was soooo excited!

Needless to say it was a great Easter week, although we missed our family that lives elsewhere.  We felt very blessed this Easter season!


SassAFrass said...

I love this. You were born to be a mom!And you are definently awesome at it. I love seeing you get so excited with Kash.You know he loves that you get excited about the same stuff he does! Miss you guys!

Karen said...

I LOVE THIS POST! The videos were too cute! Thanks for posting them! I wish I could have been there!!! Kash is so smart! I can't wait to play this summer!

Kathy Koeven said...

Great Easter pictures & videos -- he's growing up so fast. we miss you !