Tuesday, June 7, 2011

haunted house

This picture isn't the best quality, it was starting to get dark.  But maybe it is haunted? See the orb??
"Hey Mister is your house scary?"  This is what one of the neighborhood kids asked Blaine tonight as we were getting ready to go on a walk.  Blaine obviously said no, but the kid wasn't buying it.  He told us, "everyone in the neighborhood thinks it's haunted and the girl in 3859 (house across the street) and I looked in the window once and it was scary!!"

It would have been nice to know our house was haunted 4 months ago!!!  I was banking on this house to finally produce some trick-or-treaters, but doubt anyone is going to go to the "creepy" house for some free candy. Great.

I told the kid he should be scared because we were actually witches.  He believed me!  And then after the damage I had done I tried to convince him that it wasn't scary and told him to go look in the window, he refused!  That's how scared this crazy kid was, he said he'd probably see a ghost with a gun! What?  Weirdo!  I finally talked him into looking in the window and on his way up to the house he jumped as a tree branch blew in the wind! hahaha  I couldn't even handle it I laughed right in his face!

He then randomly rode off on his bike mid conversation and I'm sure any neighborhood rumors just got a whole lot worse after this kid's experience tonight.

Luckily we haven't had any hauntings, the only thing scary about this house is how that lawn is looking!  But I do have to say Blaine has been working really hard on it and it's looking a lot better!


lu said...

hahaha that kid is going to be talking about the crazy witch lady for the rest of his life! remember how you and shell thought your one neighbor was a witch because because she left her x-mas tree up all year?! hahahahha!

Luke and Mary said...

lol. that was funny!

Karen said...

HAHAHHA! Love this!!!

SassAFrass said...

That is hilarious!But you know.. ghosts do carry guns E. Its just a fact. Glad you live in THAT house on the street.