Sunday, July 24, 2011

18 month old Kash


You have changed immensely since your 15 month check up.  You say so many more words now, or partial words and you insist that your Aunt Karen's real name is DoDo. You've learned that yes ,yeah, is another response option to a question opposed to NO NO NO.  This is heaven to my ears for some reason.  You tend to leave the last letter or syllable off of words, i.e.-ba=bat or bath, poo=pool or poop,  baball=baseball.  You can see how this can be confusing from time to time, "What you have to poop or you want to go to the pool?"  You are able to comprehend a lot more (sometimes more than you lead on, like when we ask you to pick up your toys and you just ignore us. I know you can hear us and understand us...nice try bubs), which is nice to feel like we can converse with you more.

You are able to do a lot more physically as well.  You love to climb up on chairs or anything really.  You are running faster, you attempt to hop (thanks to Grandma Shelley) and you are even getting the hang of swinging a bat!

All your teeth have come through and it looks like we'll be clear for the next 6 months till your 2 year molars show their faces.  Hallelujah!  And your teethy grin is kind of adorable!

And this part of the letter is to the Kash who will some day be a father of an 18 month old, so that when your precious baby turns into a little stinker you will know that your parents survived and so will you!  Now it's not to say that you are an extremely hard toddler I actually think your behavior is right on for your age, it's just very clear you are learning about independence and the quickest way to get what you want.  This is your dad's favorite stage, he loves that he can play with you and interact more.  But for me I have a hard time when you throw a tantrum in the middle of the store, smack me in the face or when I tell you not to do something and you look me straight in the face and do the opposite. For some reason I take it personally.  When I stop and think about it I know it's not personal, I just need to remember that in the moment.

Throwing a fit in the middle of the parking lot (on my birthday) because you thought the restaurant was in the other direction
At your 18 mo. check up the doctor asked if we felt like you had reached the "terrible twos" a little early, I think I screamed yes!  But between the tantrums and screaming your way through church (oh yeah nursery wasn't the hit we thought it would be) there are tender moments where you say "momma" and give me some pats or run up and give me a hug.  Or laugh your head off when I tell you your diaper stinks (you also think it's funny when people fart...all boy!), or laugh at your own jokes, or the way you get so excited to do the simplest things, those are the moments I live for.  You definitely have a sweet, caring side to you.  I  love watching you grow and learn new things, it's just that discipline and not taking things personal have been a little harder for me than I thought.  I'm not so sure I'm the laid back, easy going mom I once was.  I felt really comfortable with the newborn stage, you learning to crawl and getting into everything and even a teething little 11 month old who was up all night were all things I handled just fine. Well, I don't feel as confident with the toddler stage.  But we are both growing and learning together.  Lucky for you you have your dad who doesn't seem to mind all of these things and a mom who loves you to death, just needs to adjust to this new stage in your life.

Sharing your drink we me because you just love me so so so much! ha
And even though you can be a handful I actually wouldn't change a thing.  I think you are growing and developing just like you should and exploring this world with all the limits we put on you I'm sure is challenging.  But you keep things exciting and still make me smile every. single. day.

Love you bubs!
Mom & Dad

Likes: Mickey Mouse, babies (although I think you just like seeing them at church, I don't think you'd like if one moved in with us), baseball, the moon, baths, water, unfortunately treats, dogs or any animals and being outside.

18 month stats:
Weight--30 lbs (95%)
Height--34" (90%)
Head--49.5 (90%)

update: Kash is now done with the pacifier!  For the last 6 months he only would get it during naps/bedtime.  But we just weaned him off!  Such a big boy!


SassAFrass said...

He is such a "big" boy! I love reading about all his latest tales. You def have your hands full but you got one who makes you laugh alot too. Wish we lived closer to have pool days and farm days too. You are always doing such fun things.

Karen said...

I have grown to love the fact (or at least accept the fact) that he calls me Dodo. Bless his little heart! I love him so much! I love these letters! It is so fun to be able to see all these things! He is such a sweet boy! Good work Mama Eggs!