Monday, August 29, 2011

farmers market

I've been wanting to go to the farmers market all summer, but it seemed like our schedule never allowed it.  Well I happened upon one last Saturday while running some errands with Kash.  He was excited because of all the dogs and free samples, I think I was excited for the same reason.  Oh and the fact that there was this big truck full of nothing but watermelon made me pretty happy as well! Next to the truck there were samples of the said watermelon and I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw a yellow one!  Now I've seen white pumpkins and yellow cucumbers, but never have I seen the insides of a watermelon be yellow!
The one time I don't have my camera with me...
It actually tasted just like regular watermelon, which means it was awesome. Kash even thought so and asked for seconds, maybe I got both of us seconds.  I didn't end up buying any because I didn't have any cash on me (minus my child of course) and wasn't really prepared for this impromptu stop.  While we left empty handed I'm glad I was able to finally go to a farmers market before summer fades into fall!

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Bryan + Juli said...

Haha nice work on the kash/ cash joke!! And the yellow dub melon looks cool too but mainly I loved your joke!