Wednesday, September 14, 2011

day out with thomas

Kash's two obsessions right now are baseball and trains, or choo choos as he likes to call them.  So when I heard that THE Thomas the Train was coming to town I thought Kash would love it.  Not that he really watches Thomas but he does have a book of Thomas that he loves combined with his love of trains I figured he would still be excited to meet Thomas.  

Sadly none of us got much sleep the night before due to our lovely neighbor's dog who kept us up all night, needless to say Kash wasn't the only crabby one at this event.  We even got 8:30am tickets in hopes that Kash would be in a really good mood, yeah not so much. But in between the lines, lines and more lines (my dreams of Disneyland were maybe crushed a little at this outing when I realized Kash has zero tolerance for a line) there were smiles and laughter of excitement to see Thomas.

Kash was so excited when our shuttle bus turned the corner and you could see Thomas' creepy face.  He started clapping and yelling YAAAYYYY!  The whole bus did in fact, it was cute!

 But to keep it real this was how Kash was 87% of the time, dang neighbors and their stupid dog!

I'm still glad we went and that Kash did get excited to see Thomas and had a lot of fun riding the train!


Julianne Dewey said...

Such a man's man baseball and trains!! And kinda retro... Awesome outing although i kinda wanna punch your neighbors... Not the dog you actual neighbors for letting the poor thing bark all night. Ps you're working some good hair in these pics kardashian worthy even!

Karen said...

HA! That looks like you were still able to have some fun! I loved the "Thomas's creepy face"! :)

Jason and Joy said...

How fun! That stinks about the dog keeping you up all night! SOME PEOPLE! Glad you guys still had some fun!