Monday, October 3, 2011

bear dance

Oh what's that?  You've been wondering what I've been doing lately and why I haven't been blogging?  That's because we've been too busy hanging out with some bears.  Okay I haven't but Blaine has and I've just been too obsessed with Pinterest to do anything else. 

ANYWAY...a few weeks ago while Blaine was in a golf tournament at Bear Dance Golf Course in Larkspur, CO an actual bear decided to join him on the 7th hole (okay I don't know what hole it was, I begged Blaine to write this post since it was his experience but he refused and I thought it was cool so you are stuck with my version).

Here's the proof.  Please enjoy the world's shortest video (look behind the little pond and you'll see Smokey):

I couldn't believe it when Blaine sent me pictures of a freakin bear so close to him.  I would have died being that close to a bear, lucky for me my husband isn't as dramatic and lived to tell the tale.

Pretty cool living in the wild wild west.


Brooke Magee said...

That's awesome! & what a cute bear. I love Colorado.

Simply Mily said...

how cool!!! i would have freaked out =)


SassAFrass said...

That is hardcore stuff. Don't worry we watched Grizzly Man Diaries last night so I am all caught up on all things bear.You just need to talk to him in a very light bear voice and tell him you are friend and name him. Make sure to say "its okay Smokey" "we are friends Smokey"
HA HA just be sure to be ready to run if he gives you that hungry look.