Friday, December 30, 2011

ho ho mismas

It's been really fun to watch Kash get into the spirit of Christmas this year and enjoy this holiday as much as I do.  But I was a little nervous that when it came to the whole Santa deal it would be a different story.  I mean that's how it is with most kids his age...and for good reason.  Santa is a strange guy in a funny suit with a weird scratchy beard.  I was fully prepared for Kash to kick and scream and say "down" but he didn't and I was shocked.  Now I'm not saying he loved it (clearly the picture below shows he had no interest in Santa) but he didn't cry and that my friends is a success in my book. 

A few weeks ago I was getting Kash ready for bed and I asked him, "What does Santa say?"  I wasn't expecting an answer at all I was just making small holiday chit chat, but to my surprise Kash said, "Ho Ho Mismas!" with his hands on his belly and all.  I about cried with excitement.  I couldn't believe he knew that, U had no idea where he learned it!  But looking back I think he got it from the Mickey Mouse holiday episode.
via Karen Turnbow

Year two of seeing Santa was a success! 

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SassAFrass said...

I so love this.Kash is such the stud! I also wish we lived closer. I wish it just about every day. you never know.. maybe the Airforce will send us to CO? :)