Thursday, December 8, 2011

welcome to denver

Oh what, you're sick of reading my Halloween post over and over?  Fine here's a new one :)

The mid-west might not have beautiful mountains, fresh air or tolerable winters but one thing it does have is good shopping!  This, next to family & friends of course, is the one thing I miss most about Illinois.  I mean it was definitly an upgrade in the shopping department coming from Logan, UT but I was a little dissapointed when Denver (or Colorado--hey I'm willing to drive for some good deals) didn't have some of my favorite stores.  But with the recent opening of IKEA, Stake n' Shake and now H&M I'm feeling more and more at home with each grand opening!

I do have to take some credit for the new shopping additions to Denver seeing as how I wrote a letter to both IKEA and H&M and they both wrote me back saying they would look into opening a store in this region. 

I was so excited when H&M announced they were opening a store on the 16th Street Mall downtown.  I would have prefered it to be in an actual mall, but I'll take whatever I can get.  I love H&M for their great prices, unique yet simple style and adorable and affordable little boys clothes (it's so hard to find cute boy clothes for babies/toddlers!). 

So a few weeks ago I dragged Karen to H&M with me.  Here our our adventures:
Karen and I were SHOCKED when we walked up to the store and there was a line around the block!

the pretty new store!

the actually do sell cute clothes there despite what these pictures are displaying!

came out with some goods!

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Karen said...

Love this post! AND you didn't have to DRAG me anywhere! You know I love shopping! H & M is one of my new favorites!