Friday, February 17, 2012

2 year old Kash

(Oh man I feel like I've written this before on this blog, maybe every post, but I'm so behind on all the things I need to blog about!  Life has been crazy for us the past few months and I don't see things slowing down anytime soon.  But it is important to me to document Kash's growth and changes because I LOVE looking back and reading what I wrote about him during that time in his life.  I have a horrible memory and this helps me to remember my little boy and all the details of our adventures at each stage of his life. So anyway, I guess what I'm saying is I'm not giving up on this blog even if it sometimes feels like a chore and even if my posts are few and far between!) 

Happy Birthday Kash!!!

Wow, two years old!  As your mom I have the right to say this as many times as I want (clearly I have used this right plenty), but it seriously seems like we were bringing you home from the hospital just yesterday.  And now you are running, hopping (a favorite of yours), jumping and crashing every where you go!

You are talking up a storm these days.  It's awesome that you can just tell me what you are thinking now.  It seems like every day you are learning a new word and surprising the pants off of me when you use it in the proper context. Famous Kash phrases:

"Too bad Mom/Dad"
"Time to make dinner?"
"Ummm, no!" (thanks for at least thinking about it)
"Juice me." (meaning you would like a drink)

You love playing with trucks and cars, but you do find it hard to do by yourself and usually prefer a partner by your side.  You also still love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and it's fun to listen to you answer Mickey's questions and count along with him.  You love playing with older kids.  You are kind of a stinker to kids your age or younger but if there's a kid a few years older you are their shadow!

You are a good helper too!  You love unloading the dishes, sweeping and wiping down any surface you can reach.  You would probably do more too if it were safe and we let you.

Since your last update at 18 months I'd say your tantrums have gone down a little.  It seems like we can reason with you a little bit more than six months ago.  That's not to say you don't still have them and that you don't know how to be a little stinker sometimes, because you do!

Your dad seems to be your best friend.  You get a burst of energy when he walks through the door at night and want to start playing immediately.  And when he's not around you are asking about him all day, if I ask you where you think he is you say one of the three: church, work, or run and you are usually right!  But it goes both ways your dad loves you so much and you are one lucky kid to have such an awesome dad!

I love you too Bubs!  Although we have our moments where I think we both frustrate each other, you make me laugh each day with the new sayings, looks and ideas that you come up with.  I love the moments when you are feeling extra sweet and will tell me you love me or give me a hug unprompted!

Happy birthday our little two year old!
Mom & Dad

rachel smith photography
2 Year Stats:
Weight--33lbs (90-95%)
Height--35 3/4" (80%)


Brooke Magee said...

Don't give up on the blog!! I read everything you post :)

Rachel Smith Photography said...

Opp!! Kitt is 29.5 lbs... Wonder how long ago he surpassed him in weight!