Wednesday, March 7, 2012

baby time

That's right baby #2 is cooking away as I type and should make "it's" grand entrance some time early to mid September!

We are pretty  I only say that because the baby making process happened real quick this time around.  After trying to get pregnant with Kash for three years we thought for sure the second baby would take some time, nope not the case.  So when the smell of Blaine's mint gum and the feeling of pure exhaustion after a day full of nothing occurred I knew right away I was pregnant (and by right away I mean I was only about a week pregnant-making this the longest pregnancy known to man).  We were just a little overwhelmed when the home pregnancy test read positive and I had quit my job just a few days earlier.  That's a lot of big changes in just one week!

Obviously we know if you are trying to have a baby it will eventually happen, please take back the "those idiots" comments you made earlier in your head, but like I said I just thought we would have at least a few more months to process the idea.  But as the idea sank in we became very excited.

I'm totally ready to:
Have the doctor place a little newborn in my arms, newborns are my favorite
To smell baby #2's sweet skin and kiss it's little toes
To swaddle baby and rock it to sleep (ps-I hate calling the baby an "it" but until we find out what we are having I guess I will have to get used to it)
To watch Kash become a big brother
To feel my heart grow more than I thought possible--people keep telling me it's possible
I'm ready to watch baby #2 grow and develop and learn new things
I'm ready to spend all day, every day with this new baby!
I'm excited to watch Blaine become a new dad all over again.  My favorite moment in my life was when he held Kash for the first time!!!

On the nervous list:
Taking two kids to the grocery store or really anywhere
How Kash will fair with sharing the love
Waking up every three hours or less all night long
Having two kids sick at the same time
Feeling like I may never get another moment to myself

At least the ready's out weigh the nervousness right?

Bring it baby #2...Team Turnbow is ready to add another player to the roster.

Update on pregnancy to come...


Jason and Joy said...

Oh man I am so excited for you guys! Hope Kash is doing okay with his cast and all! Love you!!

Brooke Magee said...

I'm so excited for you guys! I'm curious to know what names you guys have in mind, because I LOVE the name Kash. P.S. Can you fix my blog? Yours is adorable. Love the tabs on the side.

Chana said...

So happy for you!!! YAY!

t & e said...

YEAH!!!!!!!!!!! So excited for you! I am super excited that you will get to be home with this baby and not have to cry yourself to work. How awesome, Kash will be the best big brother ever:)

Katie said...

so, So happy for you!
Taking 2 kids to the grocery store isn't too's when you are outnumbered 3 to 1 that it is a bit more difficult :)
Can't wait for more updates!!

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