Thursday, March 15, 2012

the worst week of Kash's 2 year old life

(this is an extremely long post, but it's been a long few weeks and lots of people have asked for all the here they are.  Read them if you want)

It all started on a WINDY Friday morning hahah just kidding well not really it has been pretty wind here.  But seriously, a few Fridays ago I noticed that Kash's right foot was turned out a little bit, but didn't think too much of it and just thought I would watch it throughout the day.  An hour or so later we went to the store and as we were walking in he started to limp a little bit.  He wasn't acting like he was in any pain it was more like his leg fell asleep or something but it did strike me as odd.  When we got in the store he could walk a little better but had no desire to push the cart or fight me to sit in the cart, very unlike him.  I wasn't sure what had happened because he didn't fall or hadn't been crying that day about any pain.  

When we got home from the store he refused to walk up the stairs and when I asked him to walk he couldn't.  He couldn't bear any weight on his right leg and when he would try he'd just fall down.  This is the point I started to freak out.  It never crossed my mind that he broke his leg because like I said he was really happy and hadn't had a big fall or anything recently.  I looked at his leg and there wasn't any swelling or red marks just a week old bruise that you could barely see.  I just started thinking the worse that it was nerve damage, something was wrong with his spine or maybe even neurological????  

I called Blaine and told him to come home that something was wrong with Kash and I was really worried about him. I then called the pediatrician and she said I needed to take him to Children's right away.  What take him to the hospital???  I was pretty scared okay a lot scared.  It's super freaky when your child all of the sudden can't walk for no apparent reason.  I just kept having these flashes of him being paralyzed the rest of his life...obviously not helpful in the situation but I couldn't seem to help it. 

When we got to Children's he could walk and even jump, I promised Blaine this wasn't the case 30 minutes ago.  But although he could do those things he still favored his left leg and his right foot was turned out.  Well after hanging out with other sick children for THREE hours they finally called our name and we waited another hour back in a tiny room with kids who parents said their kids had been throwing up nonstop.  Awesome can't wait for Kash to get whatever they have!

The doctor took Kash back to do an x-ray but unfortunately Blaine had to leave to finish up some work stuff before the weekend and I wasn't allowed in the room since I'm pregnant.  So Kash was in there without anyone he knew getting x-rays.  I hated that moment so much and almost started crying as I heard him in there crying.

Finally the doc came back and said that he has what is called a toddler's fracture on his tibia bone.  Since it was Friday evening (at this point) all they could do was put a hard splint on it and we were instructed to make sure Kash didn't put any weight on it.  Oh awesome we'll just carry our 35 lb. monster baby around for the next 3 days!  We managed to keep him off of it for the most part and wheeled him around the house in his stroller! It was probably stress relief but for whatever reason this made me laugh out loud for about 15 minutes. 
Kash grew to love being in the stroller and would point and tell you where to take him! haha
To make matters worse for the poor kid already had a cold and couldn't sleep through the night due to a stuffy nose.  Then Sunday morning he puked all over our bed and didn't stop throwing up until about noon.  He probably got a virus from the dang hospital despite my efforts to disinfect everything and try to make him stay close by in the waiting room. 

Here's the hard splint he had for 3 days.  This is right before going to get the cast. 
Finally, Monday morning we were able to get in to see an orthopedic specialist to see if he needed a cast or what the next step would be.  Blaine was out of town for business this week so his mom came with me...and I'm SO GLAD SHE DID!  The doctor told us since the fracture was near the growth plate that she wanted to cast it but it would be a walking cast so he could get around.  Great, cast him and we'll be out in just a few minutes.  WRONG!!!  Kash wouldn't keep his ankle still so four of us had to restrain him and they tried to cast his leg three times while Kash proceeded to freak out. I've never seen him cry that hard, it was soooo sad. Finally the nurse and doctor said that they would have to hard splint it again and we would have to come back another day when he was calmed down.  I begged them to please try one more time. He was already traumatized and if we came back another day it would only be worse.  Plus being pregnant and Blaine out of town I knew that I couldn't carry him around as much as I would need to in the splint. So they gave us about 20 minutes to calm him down and in that time I said a prayer.  I know it sounds a little cheesy but I didn't know what else to do, I had done everything I could and knew that we needed help from our Heavenly Father to get through this! When the nurse came back we laid Kash on his belly and had him watch Mickey.  Luckily that worked long enough to set his ankle, which was the hardest part to keep still and then we just restrained him again for the rest of the leg.  Unfortunately (again), the cast was set at such an angle due to Kash not holding still that it was a little hard for him to walk on at first.  The nurse told us that we would have to get him sedated when it came time to take it off since he was freaking out so much.

What should have been a 20 min. appt. turned into 2 hours!  Great, done see ya!  Get to the car, lock Kash in the car with grandma and myself on the OUTSIDE!!!!  Bah!  I called the police and they sent the fire dept. (yes the whole department--two fire engines and a police officer!) and they got us in the car.  Worst day ever.
After getting the cast...his face about sums it up!  So sad for everyone involved! 
Then a few days later Kash started puking again and then the rest of our house got the same stomach virus!  Needless to say it's been a long few weeks!  Good news is we are all feeling better, Kash is getting around pretty well on his cast and only has a week and a few days left before they remove it.  It was an adventure to say the least, and I'm just glad our Kashers is going to be okay and hopefully won't have any long term effects from all of this.  

Here's day 4 with his cast on, and he's even better at walking with it now. 


bell family said...

you know what its never cheesey to say a prayer and ask for help. All good moms know that this is the best thing to do when you don't know what to do. Poor Kash and poor you.

Brooke Magee said...

I agree! It's never cheesey to say a prayer. Heavenly Father knows all and knows whats best for us and for our children, so what better person to ask for help. I watched the video and almost cried.. poor Kash! I'm glad y'all are feeling better though. Let me know if you ever need anything or if you need someone to tag along to a doctor's appointment if Blaine can't go =)

Jessica Smith said...

Oh my gosh, this is an incredible story. I feel bad- I couldn't help laughing in some parts because I was thinking, "Seriously? Can it get any worse? ... oh, I guess it can." Oh man with all the sickness, and the stress at the hospital, poor kid, and poor mom!! I'm glad he seems to be doing better! And I love your blog!

SassAFrass said...

Oh my poor little Kash-man. Thats awful. It sounded like a pretty big ordeal!! Although maybe Kash liked the firetruck part? :) I am glad you are all doing better and that he is on the mend. You are a great mom- I would have been crying and praying my hardest too. Love you E. Give that boy a kiss for me.

Anonymous said... least the worst week is over, and think about that. Things can only get better


Grandma T said...

I am sooo glad that you and Kash can smile....maybe laugh about it now. So good to write about it, so you won't forget to tell him about it someday. Might come in handy.