Wednesday, April 18, 2012

19 weeks

I promise I wasn't trying to be too cool for school in this picture and not smile, I actually think this is mid-smile which is even worse.  The problem is that last pregnancy, this one too I'm sure, all of my belly shots were done with a self timer.  So the results are always super awkward.  But like I said before I'm glad I have the pictures from my first pregnancy so I'm sure I'll be glad someday to look back on this (sadly the best of all my attempts before the neighbors came outside) gem and be glad I have it too.  

So 19 big whole weeks...only reason I'm doing a 19 week post is because I did it last time, not sure why 20 weeks didn't sound better to me back then.  I'm still feeling and doing great.  I am starting to feel more tired and I suppose that will only get worse but really other than that I'm really enjoying this pregnancy.  I haven't started swelling yet, I'm still under my pre-pregnancy weight (due to weight loss in the beginning of the pregnancy), the heartburn has been minimal, no leg cramps (yet-I got these horribly with Kash) and I can still wear my regular pants with the hair-tie trick.  The only thing I have noticed this go around is that my back has hurt a lot more.  It might be a safe bet to blame a little of this on the 2 year old we live with.

I'm feeling a lot bigger kicks now and I love it.  I think it will be fun when the baby gets stronger and Kash can feel the kicks too.  Fun because I have a feeling this might freak him out, and he'll have some awesome words to say about it! ha

We talk about the baby a lot with Kash, tell him where the baby's room will be, that he'll be a big brother and that the baby is "in mommy's tummy".  The other day Kash said, "Ooo baby in my tummy!" and grabbed his stomach.  Pretty cute. And as my stomach gets bigger I think he's starting to believe me.

One thing is for sure, this baby is already loved.  Not a day passes that we don't talk about the baby and anxiously await it's arrival...errr 20 weeks from now ha.


Brooke Magee said...

You are one pretty pregnant girl! I love all your post.
And heyy...
I have an idea.. We should totally take some maternity pics in the near future!!! I need some practice.. Plus, it'll be way fun.

SassAFrass said...

Love this. Glad you are staying true to your past posts. It will be fun to have it one to look back and compare that exact time frame. I didn't do much of that and wish I had a little more. Loving the "too cool for school" looks. Especially your blue Toms(I am guessing)
Love ya E

centauri said...

Congratulations. You look great. Kash will be a great big brother. Love to all.

Karen said...

YAY! You are so cute! I just love you! I cannot wait for that little one! LOVE YOUR TOMS! :)

Travis and London Blackburn said...

You are so cute prego! PS I blog stalk you all the time :)
Love, Granny

Amanda said...

Love this post and your picture. You are good to document your pregnancy. I only have pictures of me a week before the kids are born. About your leg cramps have you tried taking calcium pills. I had bad leg cramps with the first two so when I was pregnant with my third I ask my doctor and she said to take a calcium pill. It worked out great.