Tuesday, April 24, 2012

a 2 yr. old's version of a bestie

Anyone who has spent any time with Kash in the last few months has heard about his beloved friend, Elliot!  Over Easter weekend Kash kept saying, "Where's Elliot?" as if it was just a given that he would be at our family events!  It got to the point that Aunt Joy said she wished Kash loved her as much as he loved Elliot!  Don't we all...

During church a few weeks ago Elliot and his sister sat with us during sacrament due to both of his parents being in the choir that Sunday, well you would have thought someone had told Kash that he could eat all the Easter candy in the world, he was pretty excited.  During the closing prayer Kash said ever so lovingly, "I love you Elliot!" just the way he tells us he loves us!  Blaine and I weren't sure how to take that one.

Kash thinks and talks about Elliot ALLOFTHETIME! We'll be driving around and Kash will beg to go to Elliot's house or ask what he's doing and when he can see him next.  In fact last night through his baby monitor we heard Kash lying in bed talking about going to Elliot's house. (insert eye roll from parents.)

Kash has no qualms about letting the world know how much he loves Elliot either.  A few weeks ago we walked into church and Kash yelled ELLIOT!!! and jumped up and down when he saw his BFF as we walked in late to Stake Conference.  He also thinks every blonde boy under the age of 5 is Elliot, that always make for some awkward situations. 

And from what we hear, luckily, the love doesn't just go one way...Elliot is pretty fond of Kash as well.  Which is always a good thing because one-sided relationships kinda suck.

Not sure exactly what started Kash's love for his pal Elliot.  Despite seeing Elliot on average of 3 times a week due to nursery, play group, date group and the occasional hang out with his family, Kash wasn't really into any of the kids we saw on a regular. I think it was around the time he broke his leg and was cooped up in the house for almost a week that he started to talk about Elliot.  Distance makes the heart grow fonder?  Possibly.  But I will never forget going to one of Blaine's basketball games that Elliot was at and as soon as Kash saw him he hobbled from across the gym screaming Elliot's name and didn't leave his side the whole game.

I'm happy that Kash found a friend that he loves so much and for the most part (they are 2 year old boys) play really well together.  Because for awhile there I was afraid Kash would never make a friend.  He used to hate nursery, hate hanging out with other kids and was mean to kids at the park.  But it's pretty sweet to see how much these two boys enjoy each others company.  And if we can convince Elliot's parents (lucky for us we get along really well with his parents too) to live in Aurora, Colorado forever maybe these little blonde headed boys will be life long friends.


Chelsea said...

Oh Kash, don't you worry...we hear all about Elliot's love of you all day long. Starting around 7:30 am everyday, I start hearing all about "See Kash at playgroup! Kash come to home? Go to Kash's home? Kash come play?" so the love is definitely 2-ways!!!! Oh, I just cracked up seeing them sitting on the steps of the slide, sharing whales and shooting the breeze.

Karen said...

I love this post! I Kash is tooo funny!

bell family said...

Carter and his cousin lived by each other since the day they were born. They are still besties. Looking at your pics makes me remember them and they did all those things. Carter however gave his cousin a new name. His name was Markus but Carter called him deto. HuH?