Wednesday, April 11, 2012

easter weekend

I feel like I'm still recovering from our eventful Easter weekend full of multiple birthday celebrations, tons of family time and Easter activities everywhere you looked.  Turns out I don't have the stamina I normally do before pregnancy.  But each day was great and it's so fun to celebrate when all of the Turnbows get together!

It was awesome to watch Kash understand what was going on and get excited for the activities.  Except he's already learned that if he puts in a request for what he wants in his Easter basket that the Easter Bunny listens.  Wasn't expecting that for a few years!

Jason's birthday was a few days before but we normally don't get to celebrate with him so it was fun to do cake, ice cream and presents with him

Kash's favorite part of dying eggs was splashing them in the dye and then stirring them around forever.  Resulted in some pretty bright eggs!

Easter morning was a lot of fun, once we finally convinced Kash to come down the stairs!  I cut about 5 min. out of the beginning of this movie to spare you all the conversation that he didn't need to bring ALL of his cars down right now!
If you see Kash throwing back eggs it's because he doesn't think they are Easter eggs if they are shaped like animals or other fun characters! haha

It was another successful Turnbow Easter Egg Hunt at Grandma & Grandpa's house!  Love this tradition and love our little guy!


SassAFrass said...

Love the videos. Kash cracks me up! Need to see that boy(and you) sometime soon. We will be traveling and probably staying somewhere in Denver when we head to Mississippi.....

Amanda said...

I love that he wouldn't pick up the ones that weren't shaped like an egg. Love his bowtie!