Friday, April 27, 2012

it's a boy

We saw his man parts even before the tech announced his #2 is a boy!  He was pretty darn cute in the ultrasound grabbing his foot and waving it around and being very active.  I started to cry even before they told us what we were having.  It was just so sweet to see our little baby up there on the screen with his perfect little body.  The ultrasound tech kept complementing him on how he was allowing her to get the perfect shots and measurements.  Maybe this will mean we have an obedient little boy on our hands!? ha

All is well and he is a healthy boy!  He is a little bigger than he should be though, measuring in at 21 weeks instead of  20 weeks.  I felt a little validated when the tech said this.  Two reasons...1.) I told her she was a week off on my due date when we went in for our first appointment 2.) I felt like this made up for the fact that none of the doctors listened to me when I told them how big Kash was!

I feel very confident in the doctor's office we go to though and my doctor.  I know she will monitor this baby up until the end and listen to me.  But I have mentally prepared myself for another big boy!  Good thing we make them so cute and it's worth it, right!

It's fun to think about if this baby is going to look like his brother or take more after my coloring.  Either way I know he will be a great addition to our family and Kash will LOVE having a little brother to play with!
Doesn't it look like we just woke him up?  So cute!


britt said...

Congrats on baby boy #2! He will be so handsome. You two make cute boys! Im measuring a week ahead too!I may be getting a big boy too. Hopefully not 11lb big lol

SassAFrass said...

You know I love it! You a baby boy making machine and good at it. Can't wait to see this little one ouside of the womb!