Tuesday, April 3, 2012

lesson plans: P is for Pinterest

Since staying home with Kash I quickly learned that we needed some structure in our days, because even though Toy Story is a great movie it should never be viewed more than 50 times!

I wanted to have some sort of curriculum/lesson plan/theme for each week.  And it's really a very simple "curriculum" that we have each week, but I think he's learning a little bit...of something...I hope, and if nothing else it gives us fun activities to do each day.  If we are going to the zoo or museum that week I will try and pick a letter and a corresponding animal that we can talk and learn about or it may just be at random.  And on Mondays we always go to the library and pick out a few books that relate to the weekly theme.

Easter being this Sunday I wanted to have that be our theme for the week.  Even though we had already focused on the letter "E" (for elephant) I figured it couldn't hurt a two year old to have a little repetition in his life.

So this week "E" is for Easter or Egg or whatever else we come up with during our days that has the letter "E" in it and relates to the holiday.  And thanks to Pinterest for this sweet little craft.
Kash thought this was a really cool craft! 

And I think we might just add these to the list of activities to do this week courtesy of Pinterest:
Easter Egg Hunt Lunch...how fun!!

Pinned Image
Footprint chicks. Perfect for Spring!


Jessica Smith said...

We use the Brightly Beaming Resources for Lauren- I love it! They have a cool curriculum for kids Kash's age- http://www.letteroftheweek.com/Preparatory.html The Rowan's and Knudson's have used it.

centauri said...

So cute. Happy Easter to all.

centauri said...

So cute. Happy Easter to all.

Karen said...

SOOOO Cute! I love all these ideas! What a good teacher/mama you are!!

Brooke said...

those are adorable. um, can you just keep trying everything out and let me know the ones I should do in about two years and those that I shouldn't waste my time trying to recreate?!