Monday, April 16, 2012

pink vs. blue

Sure do wish I knew what heat this baby in my tummy was packin!  Everyday I think/dream (oh pregnancy dreams) whether or not this baby is a boy or girl.  But mostly I want to get my shop on and start working away on the nursery!

I saw these prints on the other day for 50% off and was so sad that I couldn't purchase one for our new nursery.

Prints from Etsy shop-Trafalgars's Square:

I love how sweet these prints are and might have to splurge after next Friday and pay full price for one of these!  That's right we find out what we are having next week!!!

I definitely didn't feel this anxious to find out what we were having with my first pregnancy.  While Blaine definitely had his sights set on a boy and I had a slight preference I really was just over the moon at the mere fact that we were having a baby.  Well this time around I have my boy so I think you all know who wins in the pink vs. blue battle for me.  But it turns out I got a pretty awesome baby boy the first time so if this one is a boy I know I will love him just as much.  And so will my bank account!

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