Saturday, May 26, 2012

Miss Bonnie Lady

A few weeks ago, Kash studied the letter "H" and learned about horses.  Now this whole "lesson plan" thing is very often a flop.  If I don't incorporate the right activities or we don't get a book that interests him he won't remember anything I teach him.  But apparently everything lined up that week because when Blaine came home Monday from work and asked Kash what he learned about Kash was able to tell him what letter horse started with and that their feet were called hooves and their noses were called muzzles.  I couldn't believe, usually it takes him till Wednesday or Thursday to remember those kind of facts.

Since he was taking such an interest I figured we should capitalize on this learning experience and take him to see some real life horses!  The only problem was I didn't know of any.  Thank you Google.  I found a ranch about 30 minutes away that was willing to give us a free tour.

Once we got there this crazy lady named Star walked us around and right away pulled out a little pony for Kash to ride.  RIDE???  Awesome, I figured we would just see most of the horses from a far and if we were lucky maybe be able to pet one.  Kash was VERY excited at the thought of riding this little pony, Bonnie.  He could hardly stand the anticipation as Star saddled her up.  And Blaine and I could hardly stand Star!  She was a character, to say the least.  She sometimes spoke in a British accent and would walk around saying things like, "Ooohhh excuse me Miss Bonnie Lady.  Ohhh THANK YOU Miss Bonnie Lady (Bonnie hadn't done anything worth thanking)."  Just picture Mrs. Doubtfire on the farm, it was entertaining.  Our family, including Kash, can't stop immitating Star.  I'll be driving and Kash will say, "Ohhh thank you Miss Bonnie Lady" haha!

A million minutes later Kash finally got take the reins for a little stroll.  HE. LOVED. IT.  Star was actually asked us if he had ever been around horses or rode on one before because he was loving it so much and he said most kids his age are scared (his Uncle Jason would have been proud!).  She was also impressed that he knew what the different body parts were and how well behaved Kash was.  Yes, way to save your melt downs for another day and make us look like good parents Kash!

It was a really cool experience and everyone that was there told us we need to get him out on the farm more because he was loving all of the animals around.  Well for now he's going to stay a "city" boy but it will be fun to visit the ranch from time to time. 
Star and Miss Bonnie

First horse ride!!!

getting some more practice inside


Karen said...

Ha ha! I love this! Kash is too cute! He is growing up so fast!! I am glad I get to be a part of his life! Love you all!

SassAFrass said...

ha ha oh man. I can't even handle this story. Amazing! especially the British accent part. killer!