Monday, July 30, 2012

who was the MVP in the 1998 Super Bowl????

Anyone who knows Blaine knows how much he loves sports.  Well his love of sports has finally paid off for our family.  The last few months Blaine has been calling into a local sports radio station to participate in their trivia contests.  Now either Blaine is the only listener or he's a sports trivia genius because he just keeps on wining!  I think we calculated between all the gift cards, signed sports paraphernalia and swag he's probably gotten about $500 in free stuff this summer.  He's such a regular winner that the DJ's know him by name and come out every time he has to go to the station and pick up his prizes.  They even know we are having a baby soon for heaven's sake!  Pretty much BFF's.

Recently Blaine won a pass to go to a new bowling alley in town.  Not my idea of a fun time (I kinda hate bowling), especially prego...but with the right company anything can be fun!  I ended up getting a turkey that night too!!!!!  Miracle!  And Kash was in heaven!  When it wasn't his turn to push the ball down the lane he was busy showing me his cool bowling shoes...which he talked about for weeks after.  

It was a fun family event and since then Blaine has won another pass (sheesh!) so I foresee another bowling outing in our near future.

Kash fit right in with his beer belly and tattoo! 

Belly is bigger than the's cool. 

"See my cool shoes mom!"


Anonymous said...

Terrell Davis!!!!!

blaine said...

That's right Phaedra! Too bad you googled it!

SassAFrass said...

This is awesome and I am totally jealous of Blaine and his "winning" skills. I never win anything.I don't even care what it is-I just want to win. Ps I love your skirt in the bowling picture! Miss you guys.

Anonymous said...

Blaine do you not know that I am a Broncos fanatic!!!!!!!

centauri said...

Congratulations. It is always exciting to win. Have fun with all the cool prizes.