Friday, August 24, 2012

big brother gift

I don't know who is more anxious about Kash becoming a big brother, him or me.  Right now I know he's excited but I have this huge fear of him feeling sad and neglected as we bring home a new baby that requires a lot of attention.  I can't help but feel guilty that his whole world is about to change!

I know there will be days that Kash will tell me to take the baby back to the hospital.  And who could blame him, take it from an experienced only child--being the only one is kind of a dream!  But while there are definite perks to the only child lifestyle I don't think anything can replace the relationship that most siblings have, and that's what I've always wanted for my future children.

I've tried to make Kash feel really important and special about his new role as a big brother.  I want him to know that even though there will be another baby to share the love that doesn't mean our love for him has changed.  So when I saw this book on Pinterest, "The Day I Was Born", where you can add your own child's pictures to it I thought it would be the perfect pre-baby gift present for Kash.  One, because he is obsessed with looking at pictures of himself and two because it would show him that he too was a baby in my tummy, at the hospital and at our house just like his little brother will be.

At first he thought the book was about his new brother.  Haha like that was somehow the way were were bringing him home.  But as we've been reading it he now understands that it's "baby Kash" in the pictures and has taken more of an interest.  He still prefers these versions of "his" story:

(We watch either one of these at least once a week at his request.  The first year still makes me cry and has gotten me really excited to welcome this next baby into our home.)

While I'm still pretty anxious to be a mother of two and how Kash will react to a baby in our home I know deep down he will be an awesome brother.  Maybe right away, maybe later down the road but I'm excited for him to have a sibling to grow up with and share memories.  

(click here to see what the actual book is like...I forgot to take pictures of our version)


SassAFrass said...

I always love watching these little videos! What program did you use to create them? Every time I watch them I think I should making those for Ascher-Man. PS I love the book idea. What a great idea for him

erica said...

I just used Windows Movie Maker. You can download it for free. Not sure why his first video is showing up low res, but other than that it's an easy program to use! You should totally do it Kash LOVES watching them!!!!!

Brooke Magee said...

I LOVE that book idea! I'm going to steal that idea from you... well... when I have kids. ;)