Tuesday, August 21, 2012

snails + puppy dog tails...or mustaches

I don't think it's a super huge secret that I had my heart set on a little girl this pregnancy.  Growing up it was often just my mom and I and the other important influences in my life were strong women.  I really hadn't even lived with any males for long periods before I married Blaine.  In my vision of motherhood I saw myself making bows, braiding hair and helping my daughters pick out their prom dresses.  That's all I knew.  fast forward to present day and the fact that I'm going to have two little boys is still a little overwhelming.  I feel like I don't know what I'm doing.  Kash loves dirt, he loves playing with cars and could care less about what he's wearing (although he's started to have an opinion about my outfits...prefect for my pregnant self-esteem).  All things opposite of his girly momma.  But it's been fun to watch him have a love for sports and listen to him in the other room race his cars.  There is joy in being a mother of boys as well, it's just different.  That being said it's still hard sometimes to think that I might never have a little girl in my house.  Especially hard when my friends have girls and I make them baby shower gifts.

My best friend from high school is due just a few weeks after me and is having a sweet little girl.  I couldn't be more happy for her and I'm pretty sure she'll have the cutest little girl anyone has ever seen.  I had fun picking out girly fabrics and making flowers for the gifts below. 

Then I thought, well I want to make something cute for my baby too!  We've all seen these wipe cases dolled up with ribbons and bows but I've never seen a cute boy version. Sure I've seen the John Deer versions at the craft fairs, but that's as far as I've seen people take their creativity for boys. So I tried my best to put my boy thinking cap on and I came up with this:

What's more manly than a mustache right? ha  I went with some extra chevron fabric I had left over from the nursery, yellow rope and used iron on paper for the mustache.  I thought the yellow rope would be more "boy-ish" than ribbon, but after I completed it I'm not sure I achieved that goal.  But overall it made me happy to create something cute for my BOY!

Anyway, now my little boy has something cute that's flower free.  And I'm finding that there are crafts and things I can make for little boys too, I just have to be more creative!

For the record, I LOVE my boys and girls might be too much drama for me to handle! :)


SassAFrass said...

I adore this and you. You are seriously so creative! I think your boy version turned out outstanding. We share in our frustrations in "not as cute" boy things. Which drives me bonkers. Maybe you are just meant to be one of the people that helps change all that! Because you could sell that and I think people would buy it.

Amanda said...

I love that wipes case! I have the 3 boys who also love dirt, cars, trucks and beating up on each other. I have a girl too and she is more of a tomboy then a girly girl. I am always trying to do her hair and all she wants to do is brush it and leave it.

centauri said...

So cute. You did a wonderful job.