Wednesday, September 5, 2012

it's go time!

Well this is the last day of my pregnancy, and I'm warning you I'm definitely a rambling, emotional, pregnant woman today!  So read on if you want but you have been warned!

Such a weird feeling to have it all planned out compared to my first pregnancy that felt like my life was on call for the last few weeks of pregnancy.  Obviously it's nice that I've been able to plan who will take care of Kash and my mom doesn't have to get a last minute flight as she rushes out from the Midwest to be here for the birth of her first grand baby.  But knowing that this is my "last day" also brings on those "last day" feelings that I don't handle too well!

This morning while saying a prayer at breakfast I started to tear up as I asked my Heavenly Father to watch over Kash and that all will go well tomorrow with our new baby.  We've been preparing Kash for months and months for the arrival of his little brother, but maybe I'm the one who needed a little more preparing.  At first the emotion was definitely happy and excited as I realized tomorrow I would have a new baby to hold and love.  Kash didn't believe me he asked, "are you sad Mom?"  I told him no that sometimes people cry when they are happy.  He told me that was weird...couldn't agree more! haha  But as I was having that conversation with my little two year old his life flashed before my eyes and I couldn't help but have a little bit of a sad feeling that this would be our last breakfast together just the two of us.  That the next time I sat at that table with him he would have a little brother and I would have a new baby to tend to.  And thanks to pregnancy hormones and my already sensitive heart I couldn't stop crying this morning. 

I know Kash will be a great big brother and that this baby is meant to be in our home and in our family, but today I just treasured my last day with just me and my first baby.  I'm so grateful for the past 9 months that I've been able to spend with just Kash and I each day, what a blessing. 

Okay for my own sake let's move on to the belly shot so I can stop crying!  I thought it would be fun to do my last pregnancy picture in the same shirt as my first pregnancy to compare sizes.  I'm actually 40 weeks in the first one and 39 weeks in the second since my doctor is inducing me a week early.  But isn't it funny to see a side by side shot?  I do think I look bigger the first pregnancy, but I was also just carrying the baby completely different.  Looking at the first picture reminds me of how high I carried Kash and how much my ribs hurt!  I'm so grateful that this baby is sitting a lot lower.  
My guess/vote is that this baby will weigh around 9 lbs 2 oz, Blaine thinks 9 lbs 4.5 oz (he insists on the .5).   Please, please bless that we are both right and he's around 9 pounds or less!!!!

Alright, the next post we'll be introducing our sweet baby boy!  Wish me luck tomorrow!  YIKES, childbirth...never my idea of a fun Thursday! :) 


Katie said...

I get what you are saying. I have felt the same way after each baby is about ready to be born...and each time the minute the baby is born, it all evaporates and you realize that everything will be fine (PLUS, the pregnancy hormones aren' as bad, so that helps!:)
I think that you look smaller in this pregnancy...your arms are smaller and you are right, you carry them differently. Isn't it amazing how our bodies do it?
Good luck and congrats!! Can't wait to see the next Turnbow!

centauri said...

Congratulations and good luck. Excited to see baby #2. Hope all goes well for you and the baby. Kash will be a great big brother.
Love to all

t & e said...

SOOOOOO excited for you! Your post made me cry because shortly I will be right behind you and I feel the same way you do. I hope all goes well today (maybe you've already had the baby) and that he's 9lbs or less:) Congrats and can't wait to see him!!!!!!!!

Karen said...

I got a little emotional reading this post! I can not wait to meet little Nixon! or "Mixin" as Kash calls him! Kash is going to be a great big brother and we already know that you're a great mama! See you soon!! Love you!

Megan said...

Hi--I'm a new follower! :-) Hope you've had baby N by now and everything went great. I'm due on 9/26 with my first and have been having pretty strong (but irregular) contractions all weekend. New babies are so fun. Congratulations, and can't wait to see pictures!