Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Nixon Layne Turnbow

I can't believe it's taken me 11 days to post about our sweet new baby, but I guess life with two boys has kept me busy to say the least.  While newborns do sleep their first few weeks away I'm still working on getting back into a routine with the now added feedings, less sleep and a two year old adjusting to someone else being the center of his mom's world.  But I think we are all adjusting well and finding a new normal.

I think I made it pretty clear leading up to the birth of our second baby that I was scared that I wouldn't/couldn't possibly love another child as much as I love Kash.  But I'm happy to report that as soon as they laid my sweet baby boy on my chest I was instantly in love!!!  They say you love your children differently and I do believe that to be true but that moment when I met him for the first time it felt just like it did with immediate bond and love so strong that no one could break it.  I feel so blessed to have another little newborn to care and love for.

The birthing process went pretty smoothly this go around, except for the epidural not taking very well.  But other than that I couldn't have asked for a better experience.  Nixon made pretty good time and there were no complications...all things we had prayed for in the weeks leading up to my induction date.  Since he did come so fast at the end of my labor he was extremely bruised and swollen, even more so than Kash which I didn't think was possible.  Since he was so bruised he did end up with a little bit of jaundice but nothing extreme.  His face is looking great these days and he seems to have a little swelling and bruising left just around his eyes.

I wasn't going to make a video, simply because a nap sounded more appealing.  But with so many pictures and video from just the hospital I thought it would be easier to just do a video.  Ahh who am I kidding, I just love make videos :)

So here he is, Nixon Layne Turnbow!  He's stolen my heart already!  I can't believe he will be two weeks old in a few days.  I'm trying really hard this go around to enjoy each day and moment and not worry about the next milestone in hopes to slow down the growing up process. I'll let you know if it works, ha...


centauri said...

Such a beautiful baby boy. We are so happy for you. Congratulations.
Aunt Mary & Uncle Mark

Jason and Joy said...

We only watched this about 20 times!!! Love that boy! Can't wait to hold him.

SassAFrass said...

Another hit! You know I am a huge sucker for these videos. Every time you make one I feel the pressure to make one for Ascher. Maybe you can help me with that sometime when you get your sleep back! Love you girl. Love this new little guy and you.

Karen said...

I love your videos! Nixon is such a lucky little boy! I love you guys!!