Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Nixon 1 month

Hi Little Nix!

Welcome to our family and to the tradition of monthly letters from your favorite mom!  As with your brother the first month of your life flew by.  I've been trying to hold on to every little minute of your "newborness" but this last week I've seen you grow and develop and realize I only have a short amount of time left with the newborn version of you.

These days you are holding your head up more, great at tracting objects with your eyes and even turning your head to follow them, sleeping more and more through the night (often 5-6 hours at a time) and awake more through the day.  You are such a happy content little baby.  You will fall asleep anywhere, let your brother smother you hug you when ever he feels the need, sleep through his loud two year old ways and are so easy to comfort if you do get a little fussy.  You love mornings and show us by flashing a big cheesy grin, dimples included.  You've been smiling for a couple of weeks now.  It seems a little early, but how rewarding as your mom to see your sweet smile so soon!!!  Love it.

You do have a few health "concerns".  I don't really know what to call them as I don't think they are a big deal but I think they are worth documenting.  After the first week you started to spit up a lot.  Not just the normal baby spit up, at times it would be pretty forceful and seemed to be every last ounce of milk that you had just drank.  The doctor thinks you might have a mild case of acid reflux.  We have you on over the counter meds and I'm watching what I eat to help you with this.  But even this issue doesn't stop you from being a happy boy, it just makes you a little mad at times and then you are quick to calm down.  You also have a little newborn irregular breathing condition.  You simply forget to breathe at times and then start gasping for air.  You did this in the hospital many times and it freaked the crap out of me!  But many different nurses and pediatricians say that this is common in newborns and you will grow out of it.  Let's hope so because it obviously scares me when you aren't breathing!

You often get compared to your big brother, but I love that you have your own uniqueness about you.  I love your blue eyes and dark hair, your happy disposition (Kash was happy too but you seem to be a little more content), your awesome sideburns--couldn't forget those babies, your cute little dimple that everyone saw weeks before I discovered it, and your GRUNTS!  I thought newborns were supposed to make cute little cooing noise but all you are producing are the sounds of a grumpy old man/baby horse.  We also hear a lot how you are your dad's twin, but I'm happy to report that I do see a little of me in you, I'll have to dig up some old baby photos for proof!

We are so happy you are a part of our family!  We are all adjusting to having a little baby in our family-- sleepless nights, feedings, splitting our time between two kids--but your dad and I wouldn't have it any other way. I often imagined how you would fit into our family, what our daily routine with you would be like, and how we would love another child...but in four short weeks I can hardly remember life before you and can't imagine life without you!  I love that you are apart of our family and thank Heavenly Father every day for your health and your sweet spirit in our home.

Love you Nixon!
Mom & Dad


Brooke Magee said...

That last paragraph made me tear up! He's so adorable Erica. I can't believe he's a month old already. & I love those iron on/stickers on his onesie. I want some of those for myself ha! Where'd you get those? Did you make them?

erica said...

Thanks Brooke! They are just stickers I made, I can email them to you if you want or make you some custom ones.

erica said...

Thanks Brooke! They are just stickers I made, I can email them to you if you want or make you some custom ones.

centauri said...

What a beautiful, adorable baby boy. Hope you are feeling well.
Love to all

SassAFrass said...

So handsome. Hopefully I can meet him before he gets too big.(under a 1 year old is preferred)