Friday, October 5, 2012

Nixon's 1st bath

I don't think I've ever wanted to give a child a bath more than I did Nixon!  Turns out sometimes newborn's belly buttons can get pretty stanky right before they fall off, as was the case with Nix's.  Whewww I seriously could hardly stand to hold him without wrapping him a few times in a blanket to cover the stench of that thing!  I even had the doc take a look at it and she had to put some silver stuff on it because it was oozing. haha  How's that for some awesome newborn details you probably didn't want to read.

Anyway, on to the cute stuff...

Nixon was pretty content during his first bath, so much so that he started to dose off.  Crazy baby.  Kash loved helping with the bath, and I have a cute video of him helping but I realized we didn't cover up Nixon's boy parts so I decided to keep that in the family archives.

Yay for belly buttons falling off, smelling like newborns should smell like and first baths.

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